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Hawgsticker Hook Logo Long-sleeved Hoodie

Hawgsticker Hook Logo Long-sleeved Hoodie

SKU: 0024

Who doesn't like fishing?  Alright, you folks can step out of the room for a minute. 


... are they gone?...


Okay, then. For the rest of you - the real fisherfolk - here's a practical, yet fashionable way to express your love of the age-old struggle of man against cold-blooded, tiny brained, aquatic adversaries. At the same time you can display your good taste in exclusive outdoor wear.  Not only are you sporting the fine logo of Hawgsticker Brand (with a hook brilliantly intergrated into the design), but you are showing your own adaptability in choosing a long-sleeved t-shirt with a hood - which you can put up or down as you think best!  It is this, man's ability to think, that separates him from the fish and makes him their master!

    Color: Denim
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