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Hawgsticker Antlers Logo Long-sleeved Hoodie

Hawgsticker Antlers Logo Long-sleeved Hoodie

SKU: 0023

That buck will never see you if you are wearing this authentic, Hawgsticker Brand long-sleeved hoodie tee.  You won't actually be invisible or camoflaged because of the antlers clevery worked into the logo, but that buck will never see you.  It works like this: You put on the hoodie and take your place up in your stand.  The buck doesn't see you.  If you then take off the hoodie (exposing yards of quivering white flesh), your partners will be offended and kick you out of the stand.  Then the buck will see you.  You don't want that.  Get the hoodie.  And keep it on.

    Color: Gray
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