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We're all in the wrong business - there's money to be made in shipping! In any case, we default to shipping via USPS Priority Mail.  The price for that speedy and reliable service starts at $9.00 and skyrockets upward.  That said, we want your HAWGSTICKER Brand products to arrive quickly and in good shape, so we have to pack them as best we can.


We'll do our best to keep your shipping costs as low as possible, but the gear has to fit in the packaging, right. If you need some kind of special arrangement for shipping, drop us an email and let's discuss it.


Didn't get what you ordered?  There's a big hole in seam of the shirt?  Hat doesn't fit the big-headed recipient?  Of course you can return it!


If it's OUR fault, we'll make it right - no charge.  If it's YOUR fault (like ordering the wrong color or size), you can return it for store credit but you'll have to pay shipping to send it back.  If it's REALLY YOUR FAULT (like using a box cutter to open the package when it arrives and leaving the mark of Zorro on the item), see what you can do with a needle and thread.  And, it probably goes without saying (but we're going to say it anyway), sweat stains, BBQ sauce, etc., are your marks of ownership.  Don't even think about trying to return it.

Regardless of the issue, be sure to contact us before you do anything rash (like packaging up the thing and shipping it back)!

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